What Is an Example of an Employee Performance Improvement Plan?


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An employee performance improvement plan can demonstrate how to help an employee prioritize work. The plan briefly states the main problem and outlines solutions for resolving the problem. Employee performance improvement plans include a deficiency statement and duty categories that include subcategories labeled priority, performance standard, goals and time tables, and action plans.

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In this example, the deficiency statement explains that the employee fails to complete tasks on time due to a lack of prioritization and is working unapproved overtime hours to compensate. Duty one calls for the employee to complete all tasks on time and in the order given. The employee's top priority, according to the performance standard, is to prepare class materials, recruit students and do recordkeeping. Less important priorities are research and maintaining databases.

The supervisor's responsibilities under goals and timetables is to review the employee's progress each week. The action plans section calls for the supervisor and employee to create a work log, and the employee must record work description, time and date for specific tasks. Action plans can contain as many duty categories as needed, and the same structure is followed. A terms of agreement clause is included at the end of the action plan, which explains the general purpose of the plan. The supervisor and employee must sign and date the plan at the bottom.

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