What Are Some Exam Questions for Personal Support Workers?

The questions on the personal support workers exam cover a wide range of topics, including the purpose of the insertion of chest tubes, when Down syndrome occurs and the fear common to adults of all ages. Test takers can expect questions about the terms for clear and watery wound drainage, alternative terms for urination, how to destroy spores, wound complications and early signs of a pressure ulcer.

Additional question topics include what urine is tested for, the word used to describe the movement and contraction of the muscles in the digestive tract, symptoms of mastitis, the definition of bronchitis, the party responsible for protecting employees from workplace injury, the necessary frequency for changing a patient's position after hip surgery and the identification of the main nutrient in potatoes, citrus fruits, cabbage and tomatoes. Expect to define specific terms such as "dorsal recumbent position" and "abnormally high blood sugar." Additionally, the exam questions require the identification of different types of anesthesia, complications of aspiration and signs of abuse.

The personal support worker exam is a multiple choice test designed to make sure candidates have the amount of knowledge and skill needed to perform the job effectively and safely. It's a standardized test that awards candidates with a certificate after successful completion.