How Do You Evict a Tenant in Oregon?


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A landlord in Oregon must provide a tenant with notice and then file an eviction lawsuit with the court, says Nolo. Evictions in Oregon are governed by the residential landlord and tenant chapter of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

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Landlords in Oregon can evict tenants for not paying rent or for violating terms of the lease, explains Nolo. A landlord can wait eight days after the rent is due, then give the tenant three more days to pay before initiating eviction. A landlord also can give notice as soon as five days after the rent is due, but he must wait another six days to begin an eviction. When a tenant violates a rental agreement, the landlord must give a 30-day notice that specifies the violation and gives the tenant a chance to fix it. The tenant has 14 days after receiving the notice to take care of the violation, and if he doesn't, the landlord can proceed with eviction after the 30-day period.

An unconditional termination notice gives landlords the right to begin eviction proceedings 24 hours after the notice is issued, says Nolo. There are several conditions under which a termination notice is served, including intentionally causing property damage or allowing a pet to cause damage. Violence or threats by a tenant or a guest or committing any act deemed to be outrageous in the extreme also gives a landlord the right to terminate.

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