What Are Some Event Sponsorship Companies?


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Coca-Cola and AT&T are companies that sponsor events. Neither company has a specific size or type of event that it sponsors, and each has its own submissions process for procuring sponsorship.

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Coca-Cola receives proposals and inquiries from parties seeking its sponsorship on a rolling basis. Coca-Cola matches proposals and inquiries with the appropriate team, provided that the proposal type complements the company's brand marketing strategies or Coca-Cola's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Similarly, AT&T sponsors a wide array of events annually, including music festivals, sporting events, specific athletic teams and individual athletes. AT&T uses a sponsorship proposal questionnaire to determine eligibility. Prospective parties must submit a questionnaire at least 120 days prior to the event.

Any company of any size is a potential sponsor for an event. Companies that sponsor events are typically seeking advertising, product placement, exposure, positive publicity and networking opportunities. A correlation between the type and purpose of an event and a company's principles of social responsibility is one selling point. Inviting a company to speak at the event and display product or logos prominently in exchange for sponsorship is another.

Some companies may want to reach a particular target market. Companies do not always say this up front, so having a specific vision about an event and the demographic it primarily attracts or pertains to is key. Also, different companies can sponsor events at different levels. A medium size company might opt for an entry-level sponsorship that guarantees a small ad in the event program and a table at the reception.

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