How Do You Find Event Sponsors?


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Find event sponsors by creating a dedicated section for sponsorship applications on your website and advertising it through social media and local partnerships, reaching out to businesses in the area, and contact larger corporations for backing. Other options include seeking smaller sponsorships from customers or event participants and searching on sponsorship listing sites such as SponsorMyEvent.com, as of 2015.

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Begin by making a page on the website for your event that includes all of the appropriate information for offering sponsorship, including an application that asks for the sponsor's name, contact information and contribution. This allows anyone who visits the site the opportunity to volunteer sponsorship through a simple and direct process. You can also form partnerships with other sponsors or organizations to link to that page and extend its reach. Make sure to include different sponsorship levels to allow a wide range of participation from both large and small entities.

Reach out directly to relevant organizations in the community or field to ask for sponsorship. Local businesses also frequently sponsor events because they can earn publicity and, depending on the nature of the event, gain access to new clients or obtain other benefits. Another option is to contact corporations that may have special departments for sponsoring local events. Event sponsor search sites also help directly connect you with businesses and individuals willing to offer sponsorship.

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