How Do You Find an Evenflo Car Seat Manual?


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Evenflo car seat manuals are available through the company's website. On the Replacement Parts & Instruction Manuals page, input the seat's model number and date of manufacture. Click on the Search button, and a free PDF of the manual appears alongside replacement parts.

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The model number of an infant seat is located on a white sticker near the baby’s feet area and is only visible when the car seat is removed from the base. The number of a convertible seat is near the bottom of the seat on a white sticker. Sometimes harness straps hide the stickers. On a booster seat, the model number is on a white sticker on the seat's back or bottom.

Evenflo has several ways of showing the manufacturing date, which is often listed on the model number sticker. Sometimes the order is day, month and last two digits of the year, such as 10AUG05. In other cases, the date is listed by month, day and year, as in SEP1604.

Clock wheels sometimes display dates. Hands point to the number for the day, month or year. Evenflo also uses codes to identify date by year and month. The last digit of the year is followed by a letter from A to L that corresponds to a month. "A" indicates, January, the first month of the year, while "L" means December. Therefore, "9E" equals May 2009.

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