What Are Some Evaluation Tests for Management Positions?


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Some typical evaluation tests for management positions are aptitude tests to measure competence, personality tests to measure work ethic and psychological tests to measure emotional intelligence. Organizations use these tools to identify people with the traits and skills required for particular jobs. The Harvard Business Review reports that, as of 2015, companies use these tests when hiring for up to 72 percent of middle management jobs and up to 80 percent of senior positions.

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Aptitude tests usually feature questions or problems intended to measure verbal, numerical, abstract or logical thinking. The answers on these tests are typically objective and have correct or incorrect answers. Companies use subjective assessments such as situational judgment tests to measure aptitude on problems that require expert solutions.

Personality tests attempt to determine how well a prospective manager fits with a company's culture and how well he works with others. Ideally, these assessments identify employees who are ambitious, reliable and trustworthy.

Psychological tests measure the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills that make up emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness and empathy. Occasionally companies test candidates using real-world, subjective situations to assess how the person being considered reacts.

Evaluation tests save organizations time and money and help reduce bias in the recruiting and hiring process. They also allow employers to evaluate more about the candidate than a one-on-one interview allows.

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