How Do You Evaluate Training Effectiveness?


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The effectiveness of a company training program can be evaluated by using a training evaluation model created by Donald Kirkpatrick. The four levels of the model include reaction, learning, behavior and results. The model's evaluation strategies analyze and measure specific reactions to training.

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The first level on the training evaluation model is measuring the reactions of trainees. This is done by having trainees complete a satisfaction survey, which includes questions aimed at finding the strengths and weaknesses of the training. This feedback is useful for figuring out ways to make changes where necessary. On level two, the evaluation centers around how much trainees learned. Learning is measured by testing trainees before and after their training on certain skills, attitudes and accumulated knowledge. This is gauged by conducting verbal interviews.

Behavior is the next measurement, and tends to be somewhat challenging. It can take several weeks to monitor trainees to see how much of the training they incorporate into their behavior. Typically, employers look for positive changes in how they perform work and if employees are sharing the training with co-workers. The last step of the training evaluation process is measuring overall results. Results are based on how well the training helped to achieve a specific outcome.

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