How Do You Evaluate Employee Performance Goals?

To evaluate employee performance goals, find a balance between constructive criticism and praise, suggests eHow. Be specific in discussing the negative and positive pursuit of the goals by giving direct examples and necessary steps to continue to work toward the desired results.

Consider providing a written evaluation to the employee a day or more before the meeting, or set the meeting up in such a way to allow time at the end for his questions or comments. Engage the employee in a discussion during the evaluation to allow him the opportunity to respond to questions and criticisms. This also gives the employee a chance to help craft steps to take to achieve current goals or produce new goals. This makes the employee feel like he is heard and that the evaluation is fair.

Near the end of the evaluation, set new goals that are achievable by the next evaluation period. If a goal from the previous period is not met, set up smaller goals aimed to achieve the main goal. Other goals to consider are ones that improve the employee's weaknesses or focus on utilizing his strengths. Tailor some goals to coincide with upcoming events or projects. Ask the employee if he has any specific ideas for goals, including pursuing a new avenue in the business.