How Do You Estimate Postage?


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To estimate postage it is necessary to know the destination of the parcel, the zip code from which the parcel is being sent, the zip code for the destination, whether the package contains live animals, if the package requires ground transportation, and whether the parcel will use a flat rate box or the otherwise general shape of the parcel.

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How Do You Estimate Postage?
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The United States Postal Service offers thirteen different flat rate packages for domestic shipping ranging from large boxes priced at $44.95 to large envelopes priced at $19.99 to small envelopes priced at $5.60. For parcels that are being shipped internationally or from a business, there is a different method of calculating.

The United States Postal Service lists the following factors when calculating postage for business mail: content, size, shape, weight, distance the mail travels, quantity, nonprofit status, speed of delivery, and mail entry point. In addition to these, factors, postage costs may be reduced depending on how much work done to the mail before getting to the post office, for example, sorting the mail by ZIP Code or using certain postal facilities. The United States Postal Service explorer website contains a detailed list of all business services offered which may affect postage costs.

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