How Do You Estimate the Cost of a Recipe?


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To estimate the cost of a recipe, write down the ingredients and the amount of the ingredient used to make the recipe. Calculate the cost of partially-used ingredients, such as half an onion or a teaspoon of tomato paste, by dividing the whole cost of the item by the servings or amount used, and add the costs of each item together. Some items, such as salt or pepper, are not always included in costs, as the cost is very small.

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To calculate the cost of a partially-used item, write down the total cost of the item and determine how much of the item is used to make the recipe. Divide the total cost evenly based on the recipe. For instance, if a block of cheese is 8 ounces, and the recipe requires 2 ounces, divide the total cost of the cheese by four to find the cost of 2 ounces of cheese.

To find the cost of items such as oil or tomato paste, divide the total cost of the item by the number of servings in the container. After determining the cost per serving, determine how many servings are required to make the recipe, and multiply the number of servings used by the cost-per-serving.

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