How Do You Take an Esthetician Practice Exam for Free?


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Take an esthetician practice exam for free through sites such as OnlinePracticeExam.net, StudyGuideZone.com or TestPrepReview.com, as of 2016. Alternately, locate an esthetician practice exam book or test prep book and check a local library for a copy, checking out the book to take the test at home or photocopying its pages for frequent use.

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OnlinePracticeExam.net features several online practice tests that cover multiple aspects of the esthetician licensing exam, which consist of different methods for ensuring the care of the skin, such as through special machines or the application of makeup. Exams include a time limit and are often multiple choice, with the opening page of each exam explaining the rules and guidelines for that segment. The site also include links to other study materials and resources that deal with relevant areas of cosmetology.

StudyGuideZone.com has a page that focuses specifically on studying for an esthetician exam, which begins by explaining the general job duties of the position as well as possible requirements for state certification. The page also explains the type of questions that may appear on the exam, including practical knowledge and specific concepts, before presenting multiple practice test questions.

TestPrepReview.com offers a short practice test for free that includes the answers for each question, as well as an explanation behind each answer. The resources on this site help users understand both the types of questions that may appear on the exam and learn about the core concepts at the same time.

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