What Are Essential Tools for a Professional Plumber?


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Some essential tools for a professional plumber include various wrenches to remove pipes and nuts, clamps and temporary joints to seal leaks, saws for cutting pipes and a utility knife. Other tools include a snake or drain cleaner to remove clogs, a flashlight to examine the work area as well as tape and sealant supplies.

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Plumbers generally divide their tools into categories depending on the task for which they use them, including tools for replacing and installing pipes along with tools for clearing and repairing types. One essential tool for replacing and installing pipes is a pipe wrench, which includes an adjustable mouth that allows the plumber to fit over pipes and nuts with different sizes. The plumber is then able to lock the wrenches mouth on the pipe or nut and move it as necessary. Plumbers also carry hack saws to cut damaged pipes out of the system, often to check for clogs and remove the remaining sections for replacement.

Plumbers also carry snakes to clean the clogs out of pipes, which may include a manual crank for turning the clearing head or connect to a power drill for automatic and rapid movement. Some plumbers may also use liquid drain cleaners to clear pipes. It is common for plumbers to carry flashlights to examine both the interior of pipes and the surrounding enclosures. Additionally, plumbers frequently carry special tape and sealants to ensure a proper seal on pipe mouths.

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