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Essential StaffCARE is a fixed indemnity health insurance solution, according to the Insurance Applications Group, or IAG. It is exclusively offered to part-time, temporary or variable-hour classified staff who are not eligible for major medical health insurance plans.

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Essential StaffCARE offers several health care plans that come with product features and administrative processes specifically designed for the staffing industry, explains the Essential StaffCARE website. These plans include the ESC Bronze, the Fixed Indemnity and the Minimum Essential Coverage solutions.

The ESC Bronze solution offers complete in-patient hospitalization benefits, no minimum participation or enrollment, a fully insured major medical plan and paper or electronic enrollment, reports the company. This plan complies with the Affordable Care Act and replaces the Minimum Value Plan that was grandfathered through 2015. The ESC Bronze solution must be offered together with the Fixed Indemnity plan.

The Fixed Indemnity plan includes numerous benefits, such as coverage for doctor visits, first-day coverage, no co-pay, no deductible and no pre-existing limitation clauses, notes the company. While the plan covers the majority of daily medical expenses, it also offers in-patient and out-patient surgery benefits and daily room and board. Optional dental, disability, vision and life benefits are also available.

The Minimum Essential Coverage plan is an employer-sponsored preventive and wellness plan that complies with the Affordable Care Act, states Essential StaffCARE. It covers 63 wellness and preventive services, such as counseling, selected supplements, screening for medical conditions and vaccinations for children. The Minimum Essential Coverage plan pays for all of the fees associated with the services required by the Affordable Care Act.

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