What Are Essential Components of a Payment Letter?


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A "request for payment" letter features essential components including the date, address and name of the person it is addressed to, as well as invoice numbers, amount due and balance past due. It is also crucial to clearly spell out the name of the person and company sending the letter.

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The sender of a "request for payment" letter, also commonly known as a collection letter, should also include contact information, such as a telephone number or email address, as well as a clearly defined and reasonable deadline date for payment or contact. It is also suggested that consequences of failure to make payment be clearly defined in the letter, referring to the original contract or agreement that incurred the initial costs. A reminder that the letter might have been sent in error, urging a delinquent party to make contact in any case, typically closes such letters.

Generally, businesses have a number of tiers of payment request letters. The first letter in a series is typically worded to be a gentle reminder of payment without overt demands or deadlines. This type is usually included with a balance statement. Subsequent letters tend to be more direct and increasingly less cordial, although maintaining a professional tone. Demands for payment and promises of legal action after a certain date are included in final payment request letters.

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