What Are Some of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs?


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The best ergonomic office chairs are adjustable and movable and provide lumbar support and padding; Herman Miller and Steelcase are companies regularly recognized for the quality of their ergonomic design. According to Slate Magazine, Herman Miller's Aeron chair is recognized as the optimal office chair for all workers.

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Finding the right fit for each individual determines what makes best ergonomic chair. Spine-Health.com identifies the types of ergonomic chairs as traditional, kneeling, saddle, exercise ball and reclining.

The traditional chair is designed to look attractive when it is empty and be largely unnoticed when someone is seated in it. The kneeling chair is backless and enables users to develop good posture. A chair shaped like a horse's saddle puts the user somewhere between sitting and standing, which strengthens lower back muscles. Exercise ball ergonomic chairs use a large, inflated ball as a cushion, either alone or inside of a base. Maintaining balance on the ball requires movement of the legs, which encourages circulation and prevents fatigue.

Recliner chairs provide needed support for people with back injuries. Special desks are used with recliner chairs to enable users to work from a position similar to lying down. The person who will be sitting in the ergonomic chair should first determine what bothers him about his current chair in order to find the proper solution.

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