What Equipment Is Used in a Typical Laundromat?


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Equipment that typically appears in a laundromat includes multiple washing machines and dryers in different sizes, a change machine, a vending machine that sells laundry detergent and some form of security system. Laundromats may also require tools for the maintenance of the machines and cleaning of the facility in addition to the equipment for special features, such as offering customers Wi-Fi.

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The majority of the equipment that exists within a laundromat focus on the cleaning of clothes, typically through washers and dryers in varying capacities. Some laundromats may only offer one machine size for each type, though others feature bigger models that support the cleaning of larger loads or specific items, such as blankets or bedding. Most laundromats accept payment in the form of quarters, and as such also include one or more change machines that allow customers to receive quarters for different denominations of bills. If the laundromat uses a different payment method, such as an electronic card, then it features a similar machine to add value to that card, as well as to issue one to new customers.

Some laundromats also sell detergent, fabric softener or dryer sheets through special vending machines. Additionally, the facility may feature a standard vending machine that includes drinks and snacks for customers to purchase. The laundromat must also include tools for maintaining the machines, including making minor repairs or cleaning out clogs, as well as cleaning the floors and surfaces.

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