What Equipment Is Used for Harvesting Maple Syrup?


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The simplest equipment used to harvest maple sap is a drill, metal spiles and buckets. A storage container and boiling apparatus are needed to process the sap into syrup.

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Additional items that are helpful for harvesting maple sap are lids for the buckets to prevent debris from falling into the sap, a hammer to tap the spile into the pre-drilled hole in the tree, and cheesecloth to strain out impurities.

Collection buckets with handles make it easier gather the sap from each individual bucket. Sap is stored in a large container until enough is collected for processing. Large commercial maple syrup operations rig up elaborate tubing and pumping systems to transport the sap automatically from the trees into the boiling facility.

Items needed to create maple syrup from the sap are large boiling pots, strainers, fine filters such as coffee filters, and bottles and lids to store the finished syrup.

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