What Equipment Should You Have on a Food Truck?


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Equipment that should be on a food truck includes commercial refrigeration, a commercial range and oven, and fryers. A good work area where food is prepared is also helpful, and if cooking aboard the food truck, hand and three compartment sinks are necessary in order to meet health department regulations.

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Smaller equipment pieces, such as cookware, are also important in a food truck. The menu items should determine the type of cookware necessary. Kitchen utensils should also be part of food truck equipment. Knives, tongs, spatulas and cutting boards are important for food preparation. All items and components on a food truck must meet the commercial health code requirements in the area the truck is serving food according to state and local regulations.

Prior to purchasing the equipment, food truck owners should check with local municipality to see if detailed drawings or blueprints need to be reviewed and approved by the health department and fire inspector. Some cities and counties must review the blueprints that include electrical wiring schematics, pluming, fire suppression equipment installation drawings and electrical installation plans. The municipality may also want to see a list of all building materials to be used in the completion of the food truck project.

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