What Equipment Is Needed to Salvage?


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Common salvage equipment includes land and storage space, a vehicle to haul equipment and tools. A salvage business collects, repairs and resells old items, such as cars, electronics and construction materials.

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The first necessity for a salvage business is a sufficient space. For those just starting out, a small space is likely sufficient, though this may depend on the type of items a business owner is looking to salvage. An auto salvage business requires far more space than a computer salvage business, for example. Regardless, owners need a space to store items as well as work on them.

An appropriate vehicle is another vital tool for a salvage business. For auto salvage, a tow truck is a necessity, unless the owner has a productive business arrangement with a towing company. For smaller salvage operations, such as electronics, a pickup truck may suffice initially. Many salvage businesses upgrade to larger vehicles as they grow.

Tools are also necessary in order to remove items from job sites and work on them back at the business. Again, the tools needed depend on the type of material being salvaged. Those involved in building salvage need crowbars, wire cutters, hammers, screwdrivers and other assorted tools. Electronic salvagers need more delicate tools, while vehicle salvagers need auto mechanics’ tools. Heavy work clothes, including boots, gloves and coveralls, are all useful for on-site work.

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