What Equipment Do You Need for a Tire Shop?

Some equipment necessary to open a tire shop include a tire cage, a remote inflation system, torque wrenches and a hydraulic system for raising and lowering cars. The shop may also need other tools for removing and repairing tires, dollies for moving tires between locations, and office equipment to manage invoices, payments and other documents.

One key component of a tire shop is a tire cage, which is a safety device that allows a technician to fill a tire that is not connected to a vehicle without the risk of experiencing physical harm in the event that the tire rapidly deflates or explodes. It is also important to have a remote inflation system to use in conjunction with the tire cage, as it enables the technician to control the pressure and inflation of the tire while remaining at a safe distance. The shop also needs hydraulic equipment or jacks to raise the car from the ground and various torque wrenches to take the bolts off the wheels and access the tires.

The shop may also need a system for retreading and reseating tires that separate from the rim, along with tools for patching tires. In addition to the maintenance and repair equipment, a tire shop also needs the proper office equipment to manage systems such as paying bills, tracking invoices and ordering replacement parts, typically through a computer.