What Equipment Do You Need to Operate a Taxi Service?


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Equipment necessary to operate a taxi service includes specially modified vehicles to use as the fleet, a radio system to allow drivers to communicate with a dispatcher, and a device to track the mileage and resting time of trips to determine fares. Companies may also need credit card processing machines, software to track driver hours, and a service to handle customer requests.

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For a car to become part of a taxi fleet, it must undergo a set of special modifications, which may include installing a dividing glass or plastic panel between the driver and the rear passenger seats. The company also needs to install a tracking device into each car to determine the fares for each ride. These devices track both the total number of miles the car travels each ride and the idling time during various traffic conditions, adding a specific monetary amount during each interval.

Taxi cabs also need a radio system so that the dispatcher can communicate with the drivers. Taxi services may also allow customers to pay with a credit card, with some providing special payment processing devices to drivers or choosing fare tracking machines that also accept credit card payments. The company also needs record-keeping software to track the details of all fares and driver actions.

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