What Equipment Can Be Purchased From Westinghouse Canada?


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TECO Westinghouse Motors Canada sells a variety of electric motors and controlling devices for electrical system regulation. The electrical control systems function for electrical configurations of various sizes, both at residential levels and in commercial-scale systems.

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TECO Westinghouse Motors Canada's controls include low voltage drives, soft starters, reactors and filters, medium voltage drives, custom panels and equipment and services for startup and commissioning. Each type of system features several models, each suited for a variety of purposes. For example, as of February 2015, within its class of low voltage drives there are six different models. Some models offer open chassis, as well as NEMA1 and NEMA 4 enclosures. Custom engineered products are also available upon request.

TECO Westinghouse Motors Canada is a subsidiary of the TECO Westinghouse corporation, formerly the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. The original company was founded on January 8, 1886, by George Westinghouse. During the company's existence, it has been bought, sold and renamed several times, with one of the most notable transactions being its purchase of CBS in 1995, and its subsequent renaming to CBS Corporation in 1997. In 1998, CBS Corporation created the Westinghouse Licensing Corporation to handle the various electronic and manufacturing aspects of the Westinghouse brand.

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