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EPA practice exams are broken down into five separate parts: Section 608 Core, Part I, Part II and Part III; and Section 609. The 608 Core exam for universal certification is the most important component, as an individual will not receive certification until he passes the Core exam. The core exam includes topics related directly to clean air and ozone protection, as well as safety and maintenance. The other three parts are more specific to particular areas of certification.

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The EPA Section 608 Core practice exam covers refrigeration, recovery techniques, shipping and safety. It also includes dehydration evacuation, Section 608 regulations and the Clean Air Act. The Part I exam focuses on small appliances (under five pounds). The Part II exam covers working with high-pressure systems (medium, high and very high), while the Part III exam focuses on working with low-pressure systems. Elements of Parts I, II and III are covered generally on the Core exam, and then more specifically on the individual exam.

The final EPA practice exam is for Section 609 regulations. This certification is for automotive technicians, and those holding the certification can only do work involving automotive air conditioners, unless they also hold the Section 608 certifications.

Under Section 8 of the Federal Clean Air Act, all individuals working with any regulated refrigerants must be certified.

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