What Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs?


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Envelope stuffing is a term that describes a variety of jobs associated with a common scam, often aimed at students, housewives and others without 9-to-5 jobs. In envelope stuffing scams, a con artist convinces a victim to invest in supplies for a new job and then vanishes with the money.

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What Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs?
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Traditionally, the job offered in this type of scam involves stuffing envelopes to mail to customers or members of a mailing list, but there are many variations. The victim is always told that he or she needs to pay an up-front fee to cover materials, training or both. Sometimes the con artist vanishes with the fee, and sometimes he or she sends work to be completed and then fires the victim for unsatisfactory results or some other pretext.

While there are legitimate work-at-home jobs, scams share a few common characteristics. Typically, the pay offered for envelope stuffing jobs is uncharacteristically high. In addition, few legitimate jobs demand a fee or deposit up front when hiring on a new employee or contractor. Genuine jobs also tend to include some kind of paperwork, such as a contract and tax documents in order to protect both the employer and worker should disputes arise.

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