What Are Some Entry-Level Jobs in the Gaming Industry?

Some entry-level jobs in the gaming industry include positions such as technical support agents, quality assurance specialists, junior production assistants and game testers. Both art and engineering departments also offer a variety of entry-level positions relating to specific tasks, such as creating two-dimensional art or engineering various types of programming languages.

One common entry-level position within the gaming industry is the technical or customer support agent, as it requires less specialized education and training compared to other roles. These positions involve working directly with players to resolve issues, thus allowing the agent to gain an understanding of a company's game and work into other positions in the company. Similarly, play testers and quality assurance specialists are also frequently available entry-level positions, as they focus on the ability to play a game, identify bugs or other issues, and report them to the appropriate departments. This position may lead to other roles within a company, depending on the employee's skills.

Video game companies also typically offer specialized entry-level positions within various departments, such as junior production assistants or producers. Art and creative departments frequently hire artists in entry-level positions to handle the creation of assets or materials that overflow from other members of the team. The engineering departments, typically among the largest departments, also hire programmers in entry-level positions to work on low-profile projects.