What Is on the Entrance Exam for LPN School?

As of 2015, the entrance exam for Licensed Practical Nurses consists of 150 questions focused on a person's reading comprehension/reasoning, numerical and language abilities. The reasoning section is 40 questions, the numerical section is 50 questions, and the language ability section is 60 questions.

The 150-question test requires three hours to fully complete. The reading comprehension/reasoning ability section is similar to applied science passages found within practical nursing textbooks. Some of the passage topics include infection, safety, nutrition, child abuse and exercise. The 40 reasoning ability questions are split into 20 reading comprehension questions and 20 focusing on reasoning ability.

The numerical ability section is broken up into three parts: ten questions focusing on whole numbers and basic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; 20 questions focusing on decimals, fractions and percents (including converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions); and 20 questions focused on applying these mathematical skills to practical scenarios, which includes making non-algebraic conversions and using formulas.

The language ability section focuses on the specific words and terminology used within the nursing practice. Its 60 questions are broken into three parts: 20 questions on vocabulary, 20 questions on spelling and 20 questions on grammar and usage, which is composed of sentence-correction questions.