How Do You Enter a Reward Code?


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In most cases, entering a reward code consists of logging into the user portal of the rewards program's website, locating the section for redeeming the code and typing in the code. Each program handles rewards codes differently, with some associating points to each code and others offering special prizes.

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The basic concept behind an online rewards program is that customers can obtain special codes through purchasing select products and then redeem those codes for some kind of item. These items range from coupons and gift cards to entries in contests and instant-win games. Many rewards programs choose to award the user points each time she redeems a code, which she may spend on one or several of the aforementioned items.

For example, to redeem a code with the My Coke Rewards program, you need to create an account with the site and locate a code underneath the cap of a Coke product. The site contains a page that prompts users to enter the code on the cap to receive points to use in its rewards store. The Kellogg's Family Rewards program works in a similar fashion, though its codes are available on participating Kellogg's products. Alternately, the My Starbucks Rewards program allows users to redeem codes for stars, which are redeemable for free drinks after a certain period.

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