How Do You Ensure a Blank Lease Agreement Form Is Legally Binding?


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To be legally binding, leases made without an attorney should include a disclaimer that states any mistakes contained in the lease don't render the agreement void, according to SFGate. The agreement should also be signed by all parties.

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A legally binding blank lease agreement should list the tenant and landlord, the length of the lease, any utilities the landlord covers, a current description of the property, and repair and maintenance rules, notes SFGate. Legally binding lease agreements should also include the amount for monthly rental payments, all necessary fees, security deposit amounts, whether the tenant is allowed to make modifications to the unit or property, and charges for returned checks. It's best to have a lease looked over by a reputable and experienced lawyer for reassurance and for added protection.

While a lease agreement doesn't have to be written down to be legally binding, putting it in writing makes it easier to enforce, notes SFGate. Tenants who only stay in a unit for a short time should sign a rental agreement, which works on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled with a minimum of notice. Leases are more long term and require the tenant to pay his rent whether he remains in the unit or not.

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