How Do You Enroll in Teamsters Retirement Pension?

To enroll in the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan, determine a pension effective date and mode of receiving retirement benefits; ensure you meet the eligibility qualifications; retire from your job; and apply with the local Area Administrative Office, recommends the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan website. Wait until the trustees approve your application. To enroll in the Teamsters-National 401(k) savings plan, ensure your employer agrees to participate, and visit the official Prudential website.

The Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan requires retirement from employment with all of your covered employers, according to the official website. Submit the Certification of Complete Severance and Termination of Employment form if you're below 65 years old and seeking early retirement benefits. However, retirement is not necessary when applying for disability retirement benefits before age 65.

Visit the official Teamsters-National 401(k) Savings Plan page to access retirement plan information and investment choices at the Online Retirement Center, and use tools for selecting your retirement strategy, advises the Teamsters Union. Alternatively, call Prudential Retirement's customer service number or send an email to inquire.

When enrolled in the multiemployer Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan, members enjoy increasing benefits when they participate under covered employment for a longer period, notes the Teamsters Union. Retirees usually choose the 401(k) savings plan to supplement another plan. Other options include the single-employer and defined contribution plans.