How Do You Enroll in a Retiree Military Dental Plan?


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Retirees join TRICARE’s retiree dental program, otherwise called TRDP, either online or through the mail, according to TRICARE. The applicant’s retirement data must be verified by Defense Enrollment Eligibility and Enrollment Reporting System, abbreviated as DEERS. Only a retiree can enroll in this program.

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The retiree enrolls online via a Web enrollment platform, and logs in to the portal using a CAC card, myPay PIN or DS Logon, explains TRICARE. After logging into the portal, the retiree submits an advance payment amount for the first two months. At times, a retiree’s information might not appear on the Beneficiary Web Enrollment portal. This happens when the applicant has just retired or is soon retiring. Wait for eight days after retirement, and retry the enrollment process. If the problem persists, contact DEERS support to update the records on retirement status.

Enrolling by mail requires the applicant to download a TRDP enrollment form, notes TRICARE. The applicant should determine the premium prepayment amount for the particular ZIP code by using an online premium search tool. The retiree should complete and submit the application form two weeks prior to the retirement date. The submitted form should include an official signature, the Social Security Number, and supporting documents if applying for members of the family. It is necessary to return the application form and the prepayment to the office dealing with the program. The process of enrollment via mail takes up to four weeks to complete.

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