How Do You Enroll for MedStar Benefits?

To enroll for MedStar benefits, visit Click the Benefits Enrollment heading. Enter the applicable Social Security number and password to log in and complete enrollment. At, plan participants can also view the MedStar Select Provider network, view expert health information, and use health trackers and other tools to achieve wellness goals. Participants can also complete the MyHealth questionnaire to earn savings on premiums.

MedStar provides care across Maryland and Washington D.C. at its physician offices, hospitals, and ambulatory and urgent care centers, explains its website. MedStar has a not-for-profit mission and provides care in a variety of areas including emergency and trauma services, cardiology and cardiac surgery, cancer care, transplantation, and orthopaedics. MedStar is the largest health care provider in the Maryland and Washington D.C. areas, and in addition to providing acute care, MedStar offers subacute care including assisted living and long-term care.

MedStar health hospitals are accredited by the Joint Commission. This accreditation is voluntary, and the commission evaluates health care facilities at the request of the facility, states MedStar. The Joint Commission evaluates a health care facility using interviews with patients and staff and by conducting observations of the hospital's daily operations. The Commission also inspects hospital documents, reviews the facility, and assesses patient safety and the culture and teamwork at the facility when evaluating a hospital. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities has also accredited MedStar Health's rehabilitation services.