How Do You Enroll in Independent Health Insurance?

How Do You Enroll in Independent Health Insurance?

To enroll in independent health insurance, choose an independent health insurance provider, select a plan that fits the insurance needs and apply. Companies notify applicants usually right away, or within a few hours, whether they are accepted or denied coverage. Customers first answer some basic questions to help them find the best plan, according to Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

To enroll in an independent health insurance plan, follow these steps.

  1. Choose a Healthcare provider
  2. Companies that provide plans include Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Aetna.

  3. Enter a ZIP code
  4. Enter a ZIP code and any other requested information on the main screen, then click the button marked Get a Quote or Request a Quote.

  5. Fill out information
  6. Customers need basic identification and health information to apply for a policy. This can include date of birth, which family members need coverage and has there been tobacco use within the past six months. Fill out the required fields and press Enter.

  7. View the plan options
  8. Review the health provider's available insurance plans. Be certain the plan fits all the requirements for co-pays, prescriptions, dental and deductibles, along with other criteria. The site may indicate the most popular plan bought by other people with similar information, notes Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

  9. Choose a policy
  10. Select a policy and click Continue. Add dental or vision coverage, if desired; otherwise, click Skip This Step.

  11. Apply
  12. Review the policy details and click Apply. New customers must create a profile to continue with the application process.

  13. Complete the requested information and submit
  14. Enter additional requested details and click Submit. Customers may know an answer right away; in other cases, they receive a phone call or email about the plan. The company mails information to the customer upon acceptance and it will also be available online.