How Do You Enroll in the FDIC Money Smart Program?


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The FDIC Money Smart program is available for consumers without enrollment in four different adaptations, according to the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation. Consumers order these for free from the FDIC website.

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The Money Smart program positively affects how consumers manage their funds, and these changes are lasting months after the training, claims the FDIC. For consumers, there is an instructor-led CD-ROM for adults, an instructor-led CD-ROM for young adults, a computer-based online format for ages 13 and over, or an MP3 version. Links to the different versions are provided on the right side of the FDIC Money Smart webpage. There is also a stand-alone instructor-led module called Money Smart for Older Adults, which specifically targets the financial needs of older adults. This version is accessed as a download from the FDIC website.

In addition to the consumer programs, the FDIC also has a Money Smart program for small businesses and a Train-the-Trainer program for instructors, both available through their website, states the FDIC. Money Smart can be used by financial institutions or any organizations who wish to sponsor financial education workshops.

FDIC staff is available to help with any technical issues with downloads or ordering CD-ROMs, according to the FDIC.

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