How Do You Enroll in DMDC Tricare?


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To enroll in DMDC Tricare, service members, dependents and retirees have to be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System. The system is a computerized database that includes the details of military sponsors and family members entitled to Tricare benefits, states Military.com.

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All active-duty service members and those who have retired from active military service have their details automatically registered in the system. It is, therefore, upon them to enter the details of their eligible family members in the system to enroll them for Tricare benefits. Any errors in the registration process can cause problems in the processing of Tricare claims, explains Military.com. Therefore, members should ensure their information is accurate and updated at all times.

Registered members can contact their regional Tricare support contractor, any Tricare service center or the nearest uniformed services ID card facility to verify their information. Beneficiaries and sponsors can alter address information in the system. However, only sponsors can add or delete a beneficiary in his family to the system. To make such alterations, the necessary documents, such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees or birth certificates, are required. Sponsors can submit the updates to the nearest uniformed services ID card facility or by mailing them to the DMDC support office, according to Military.com.

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