How Do You Enroll in Bright House Bill Pay?

To enroll in the Bright House electronic bill payment program, sign into your My Services account, and choose the Pay My Bill option under the Account & Billing section, as of 2015. Select the Bill Pay option, and follow the onscreen prompts to sign up for recurring payments.

If you did not set up an account during the initial service enrollment period, visit the registration page of to sign up for one. Registration requires your account information and a valid email address. After activating the account, sign in, locate the Account & Billing tab to view your past and current bills, and begin the online payment process.

Bright House allows customers to make single payments or enroll in a recurring payment plan. To conduct a single payment, choose that option from the menu, and select either Credit Card or Electronic Funds Transfer from the list of payment options. Once you enter the appropriate amount and payment details, the system processes the single payment. To register for the recurring payments, you must also choose a payment method and select a payment interval and amount. The system then automatically deducts that amount from your account at the specified intervals.