How Do You Enroll in Advantage Healthcare Systems?


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Patients enroll with Advanced Healthcare Systems by filling out a patient referral or patient intake form. The patient referral form allows physicians to inform Advanced Healthcare Systems about a person's injuries. The patient intake form requires personal information, employment and insurance details, and a basic explanation of the injury, according to Advanced Healthcare Systems.

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Advanced Healthcare Systems offers a unique recovery and rehabilitation process to help patients increase their quality of life. The work conditioning program helps patients who are recovering from an injury and must return to a physically demanding job, notes Advanced Healthcare Systems. Treatment includes cardiovascular and weight training, nutrition counseling and vocational therapy.

Physical exams help patients understand the process of their recovery, while psychological evaluations deal with any behavioral reactions to pain. Psychological treatment consists of individual counseling, relaxation techniques, visual imaging, hypnosis and biofeedback. These sessions help patients who develop feelings of anger or sadness due to their injury, states Advanced Healthcare Systems.

Advanced Healthcare Systems lists several workers' compensation resources on its website, to help injured workers. Frequently asked questions, an explanation of workers' compensation benefits, a glossary of terms, dispute resolution information, and contact details for complaints are available, according to the company.

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