How Do You Enroll in ADP Benefits?

To enroll in ADP benefits, your business must purchase and utilize a benefits administration package from ADP, according to ADP. The organization offers benefits administration services unique to small, mid-sized and large businesses, with additional services targeted towards multinational businesses.

Individual employees cannot enroll in ADP benefits if the business that they work for are not already clients of ADP, according to the company. ADP provides tools for determining pricing information for small and mid-sized businesses, including a product selector that utilizes five criteria to determine the best ADP product to fit a business's needs.

The five criteria that ADP uses to determine the ideal product for a potential client are as follows: the number of employees, the location of those employees, the type of industry, the specific services desired and whether the business wishes to outsource all administrative support to ADP. Businesses can choose to hire ADP to perform only payroll and payroll tax filing, notes ADP. They can also hire the company to provide time and labor services included time-tracking, scheduling and attendance services as well as human resources management. To enroll employees in ADP benefits, complete the product selector questionnaire and call the ADP sales team to determine eligibility.