How Do You End a Business Letter?

How Do You End a Business Letter?

How Do You End a Business Letter?

The end section of a business letter is polite, respectful and leaves a positive impression on the person the letter addresses. The exact way a business letter ends depends greatly on the degree to which a relationship has been established.

The end of a business letter should always be positive and respectful to the recipient. There are three ways the writer can end the letter based on the type of relationship they have with the recipient.

Little to No Previous Relationship

Appropriate endings: "regards," "sincerely," "yours sincerely" or "yours truly" are all acceptable endings when there is little information known about the recipient. These also work well for any type of business letter, regardless of relationship. Respectful endings are commonly used in various situations to extend common courtesy.

Somewhat Personal

Appropriate endings: "best regards," "cordially" and "yours respectfully" are good ways to convey courtesy to business associates that the writer may not know well, but has made some type of previous contact.

Very Personal

Appropriate endings: "best wishes," "warm regards," "with appreciation," "yours faithfully" are great endings to use when the writer knows the recipient well. The sentiments conveyed are warm and friendly. These type of endings are good for building positive business relations with associates in any industry.