What Are Enbridge Pipeline Projects?


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According to the company, Enbridge has several North American pipeline expansion projects in the works as of 2014. These include the Big Foot oil pipeline, the Athabasca pipeline twinning project, the Edmonton to Hardisty pipeline project and the Flanagan South pipeline project. Additional pipelines being managed by Enbridge are the Line 78 pipeline project, the Line 79 pipeline system project, the Norealis pipeline project and the Norlite diluent pipeline project.

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What Are Enbridge Pipeline Projects?
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Enbridge is also managing the Sandpiper and the Seaway pipeline projects. The company's pipeline network operates both liquid crude oils and natural gases. Their pipelines stretch across America and Canada, and the company claims to have 15,795 miles of crude oil pipelines across North America. The majority of their crude oil is exported to America from Canada. According to Enbridge, their supply to the United States accounts for 15 percent of America's total crude oil consumption. In addition to the company's North American operations, Enbridge also operates major offshore pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico region near Louisiana and Mississippi. Enbridge claims to manage 35 and 45 percent of the world's total offshore and deepwater gas production respectively. According to Lauren Krugel of the Vancouver Sun, Enbridge is considering expanding into Mexico if the country lifts its regulations and allows outside investors to participate in its energy market.

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