What Are Employment Verification Services Used For?


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Employment verification services are used to verify the accuracy of an applicant's job history, saving time and money for the employer, and helping to make the hiring process more transparent to the applicant. While the employer can do all of this himself, there is an increased risk of the verification process being too difficult or time-consuming, which cuts into his potential profits.

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Employment verification services contact former employers or their agents on behalf of the company considering hiring an applicant. Because such services specialize in this kind of research and communication, they help to reduce the chance of verification errors that may lead to an unfit hire. For an additional cost, such services can spend a longer time researching an applicant, making it less likely there are any errors in the process.

These specialized skills mean such verifiers can make contact with the appropriate former employers and verify employment quickly. As of 2015, the Hire Right verification service claims it can fully process a typical background check on an employee whose former employees are in America in 1.6 days. This process would likely take longer if conducted directly by the prospective employer, cutting into profits and adding to the administrative costs of his job.

Some employment verification services allow prospective employees to upload their own documents, receive relevant alerts, and monitor the overall status of their verification request. This helps make the process more transparent to the prospective employee, reducing his stress when applying for a job.

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