What Are Some Employment Assessment Tests?

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, or SIOP, provides different types of employment tests that employers can use to assess their employees. Some of these include cognitive ability tests, integrity tests and interviews.

SIOP claims that there are more than 100 different tests that help employers assess their employees. SIOP describes cognitive ability tests as questions that measure employees' logic, reasoning, reading comprehension and other measures related to their intellectual abilities. Cognitive ability tests have been demonstrated to be quite valid in assessing a person's potential to solve job-related problems, but the results can differ on the basis of a person's gender or race.

SIOP says that integrity tests can be used when employers want to assess employees' honesty and trustworthiness. These tests ask employees direct questions about previous experiences or future behaviors that are related to ethics. Integrity tests have proven to be valid in identifying individuals who are less likely to be counterproductive or untrustworthy.

SIOP suggests employers use interviews to assess employees' interpersonal skills and teamwork skills. Interviews use standardized sets of questions to evaluate employees' skills and knowledge required for their jobs. Interviews are widely expected by the job applicants and are less likely to differ in results on the basis of one's race or gender.

SIOP suggests employers figure out what qualities they are looking for in their candidates before deciding which type of employment assessment tests to use.