What Does an Employment Application Sample Look Like?


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An employment application sample is a basic template depicting general categories such as applicant information, employment positions, personal information, education and employment history. The template also includes sections for additional information and references. The last section contains legal language and space for applicant signature and current date.

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Employment applications are designed to give employers an overview of a job applicant using a simple format. Most applications ask for personal information first, including name, address and contact phone number. Some companies include a question about referrals. In the employment section, the applicant reveals which job position she is hoping to get with the company and what days and hours she is available to work. Employers can also ask about working evenings, weekends and overtime shifts.

The personal information section asks job-related questions such as whether the applicant has previously worked at the company and if she is of legal age. The employer is allowed to ask if the applicant is willing to take a drug screening test. In the education and training section, the applicant informs the employer about the level of education achieved and any special training or courses taken. Employment history requires the applicant to provide detailed information regarding previous employers including company name, supervisor name and contact phone number.

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