What Are Employers Looking for in an Applicant's Employment History?


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Though the specific details may vary between company and position, a typical employer wants to see that an applicant has the appropriate amount of skill and experience to perform in the position when looking at the employment history section of a resume. The employer may also want to see that the applicant has a consistent work history free of major gaps or inconsistencies.

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The employment history section of a resume allows an applicant to tell an employer about her past jobs with the intent of demonstrating her qualifications for the new position. As such, the applicant needs to include the most relevant work experience to the job, as this allows for more space to explain the responsibilities of the position. The applicant should also focus on the most recent work to avoid adding unnecessary pages to the resume, particularly if the applicant has an extensive career history.

When formatting the individual job sections, the applicant needs to avoid creating a job description but instead explain her greatest accomplishments and highlight the most important aspects of the position. Each section should also relate to an aspect of the new position so that the employer may draw direct correlations between the two. The section also shows the employer that the applicant has a strong work ethic and is capable of staying at a position for a long time rather than switching jobs frequently.

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