What Do Employers Look for When Viewing Resumes?


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Most employers check your resume to see if you possess the appropriate qualifications and skills for the position, as well as meet other company-specific requirements such as education level or official certification. Many employers also look for possible embellishments or other signs of falsehoods, as well as general communication abilities.

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The first thing an employer or hiring manager looks for in a resume is proof that the applicant meets the basic job requirements. The manager may accomplish this by checking multiple sections of your resume, including your skills, work history and education levels. Many managers look for terms and keywords that relate to the specific job, such as the names of different programming languages for an engineering position or familiarity with specific financial processes for an accounting position. Many managers also look for indications that you may fit into the company culture, such as your personal preferences or outlook on your future.

Some jobs feature-specific requirements, including a minimum education level or the possession of official qualifications, so make sure that you clearly list these on your resume as necessary. However, avoid falsely inflating your skills and accomplishments, as many managers also look for potential lies on resumes. This may appear as experience with technology or processes that aren't in line with your work experiences, or a familiarity with an unusually large number of tools or programs.

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