What Do Employers Look for in Hiring Housekeepers?


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Employers looking to hire a housekeeper determine if the housekeeper is trustworthy. To do this, an employer needs to do a complete and detailed check of the applicant’s background as well as a thorough check of the applicant's resume.

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What Do Employers Look for in Hiring Housekeepers?
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Background checks include reference checks, criminal background checks, credit checks, work eligibility checks and drug test checks. A reference check involves getting in touch with the housekeeper’s previous employers to establish the applicant's quality of work, conduct, level of professionalism and experience.

Credit checks are important because housekeepers often have unrestricted access to an employer’s house and assets. However, to check the applicant’s credit history, the applicant must consent to it.

It is also important to check if the applicant has a criminal record. However, this may be a tedious task if the applicant has lived and worked in many states or counties. A prospective employer should check if the applicant has a record on file with Child Protective Services, especially if the applicant’s responsibilities may involve taking care of children.

Employers often test housekeeping applicants to determine if they use illegal drugs and may choose to perform an integrity test during the screening process. The test measures the applicant’s honesty, perseverance, incorruptibility and attitude towards vices such as stealing and fraud.

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