Which Employers Hire Felons in Columbus, Ohio?

Several companies are willing to hire employees with felony convictions in Columbus, Ohio, including Dairy Queen, Chase, Budget Rent a Car and Best Western. Columbus, Ohio is also home to many private employers who might hire convicted felons on a case-by-case basis.

In Ohio, it is not illegal for employers to ask about felony convictions. However, it is more common for employers to question certain types of felonies that might impact the industry or job duties. For example, an individual convicted of a financial crime, such as embezzling, will find it difficult to achieve employment in the financial sector. However, he or she might be able to secure employment in another industry, such as customer service or manufacturing.

In recent years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has suggested that employers who refuse to hire convicted felons might be guilty of discrimination, especially with regard to racial profiling.

Ohio offers several public programs for convicted felons who want to obtain gainful employment. For example, the Adult Parole Authority in Columbus, Ohio, helps released federal inmates to secure employment based on their qualifications rather than their criminal history. Similarly, a program called Community Connections offers employment, housing and transportation assistance for convicted felons in Columbus.