How Do Employers Do a Filing Test?


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Filing tests are often administered as a written test in which the employee must demonstrate his ability to file information quickly and accurately by choosing the correct placement of a certain name, term or number within a group of similar choices. Tests like the one available at HR Direct's website allow applicants up to two minutes to complete 20 questions.

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Filing tests are often just a division of a larger exam aimed to test clerical aptitude. These tests, typically multiple choice in nature, also include an examination of the applicant's verbal reasoning by asking him to choose the correct definition of vocabulary words and testing his understanding of analogies. The applicant's numerical ability and reasoning are also assessed in order to determine if he can perform tasks such as pricing supplies, paying bills or taking care of travel expenses.

Other areas assessed on clerical aptitude tests include clerical checking, which tests the applicant's ability to take given information, such as an address, and apply it to a list in order to find the exact match. Applicants' spelling ability is tested by requiring them to pick out misspelled words from paragraphs and indicate their proper spelling. Typing tests are also administered to determine the applicant's typing speed and accuracy.

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