What employer offers W2 forms online?


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Many large employers offer W-2 forms online through W-2 Management, including Wal-Mart, Macy's and a number of government agencies. The manner in which W-2 forms are distributed varies by employer. Some issue W-2s electronically, while others only issue paper copies of employees' W-2 forms, as of 2015.

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W-2 Management provides a comprehensive list on its website, w2express.com, of employers that offer W-2 forms online. W-2 only deals with companies that have at least 15,000 employees, but small employers also frequently issue W-2s electronically, in order to save money and use less paper. An individual should check with his specific employer or potential employer to learn how the employer distributes W-2 forms. Typically, a company's human resources department can provide this information.

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