How Do You Find an Employer Identification Number?

Business owners who have lost or misplaced their employer identification number can locate it on the computer-generated notice they received from the Internal Revenue Service when they applied for their number, according to the IRS. Alternatively, the information can be found on bank statements, state licenses and tax returns.

If documents containing the number cannot be located, taxpayers can contact the business and specialty tax line of the IRS for assistance. Operators can only provide information to authorized business representatives such as corporate officers, sole proprietors and executors of estates. Before the information is released, operators must verify the identification of the caller, states the IRS.

Like Social Security numbers, employer identification numbers are unique nine-digit numbers. However, while personal Social Security numbers are private, EINs are often readily accessible on the Internet, reports Financial Web. The electronic data gathering, analysis and retrieval system of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is a good starting place for locating EINs for public entities. Located on the SEC website, the database archives documents for profit-based businesses.

Melissa Data, a provider of data quality services, maintains records about nonprofit organizations. On its website, consumers can look up employer identification numbers for nonprofits, notes Melissa Data.